His kingdom come

His will be done on earth

in our time

in our city


Worship Victoria is a collaborative of many different worship leaders, pastors, song writers, musicians and media professionals from Victoria, BC.  We long to see God lifted up in worship and moving in our city, province and nation.  We also passionately believe in the role of the local church and want to see churches and worship teams equipped and encouraged.

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Spring 2017 Event

This spring we are having one massive, dedicated city-wide worship night! We’re hoping you can join us as we reflect on what God has doing, is doing, and WILL do in our city through worship and prayer. We’d love to see you there!

Citywide Worship Night

(for everyone)
Glad Tidings Church



Our first album, Kingdom Come, was released in 2012 and features contributions from 10+ Victoria worship leaders from 8+ churches. It also was nominated, and won, a 2012 Covenant Award. Covenant Awards are awarded annually by GMA Canada, the Gospel Music Association of Canada. It was a huge honour for all of the Worship Victoria contributors and a testament to the talent found in our city.

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Here’s one of the feature tracks:

You can also find videos, photos and music on our resource page.

Our Story

Worship Victoria was formed out of community, with worship leaders from different churches across our city spending time together. Over hash browns and morning coffee we would chat about our roles, challenges, lives as leaders, and our interests, passions, and discoveries as worshippers and musicians. On one of those mornings the idea of a city compilation album was brought to the table. Our churches were already singing original songs, and the prospect of compiling music from worship leaders and writers around Victoria was instantly exciting.

Thus began the long journey of creating a worship album that represented the churches and worship communities of Victoria. From early on in the process it was apparent that a theme was developing—a collection of songs was being formed that, whether through sacred liturgy or charismatic celebration, spoke of our need to see God move in our land. “Kingdom Come” would eventually become the title of the album. It was decided that proceeds from the project would go towards Sanctuary Youth Centre, since the songs from the album echoed the heart of Sanctuary’s ministry: to see the lost found, the hurting healed and the broken restored in Christ.

The Kingdom Come album was a huge success, selling out immediately and raising thousands of dollars for Sanctuary Youth Centre.  The album also was nominated for and won a Canadian Gospel Music Covenant Award.

Since the release of “Kingdom Come”, Worship Victoria has seen its area of influence grow.  As the leaders of Worship Victoria continued to meet, it became apparent that two missions had developed for the team:

1.  To see God lifted up in worship in our region

2. To see local worship teams and churches equipped for worship leading

In May 2013, Worship Victoria hosted the first ever Worship Victoria Weekend. This weekend included workshops and a citywide worship night. Other events grew out of that Worship Weekend and the Worship Victoria team also continued to morph and grow. Some of the founding members transitioned to other cities and ministries but more people were added and the team grew and became stronger than ever. Now the Worship Victoria crew consists of musicians, worship leaders, songwriters, pastors, audio and video techs, social media teams and many other volunteers that are all working together to see the local church equipped, and to see God exalted in our region!

His kingdom come and His will be done on Earth, in our time, and in our city.

This is the prayer of Worship Victoria.